Tourist and manners.


I love ice cold water!

I’m not a “clean” eater but I love water it’s my drink of choice.  This is my new favorite cup.  The water and ice stay put for hours.  I left this cup in my car in 70 degree weather.  When I got back to the car my water was still cold and a few ice cubes were still there.

Below the photo is a link to order this cup.  Its worth the investment.




Fences/open minds/kindness

I’ve been here for almost a half of a century now.  Fences are in all of us.  For instances my eighteen year olds fence is self-confidence.  My neighbors fence is worry.  My dogs fence is fear.  My sixteen year olds fence is laziness.  My husbands fence is never giving himself a break.

My fence is always challenging me.  Some mornings I wake up not knowing what side of the fence I’m on today.  Grumpy bad fence or everything is a rosy fence.  I try for the rosy fence.  My rosy fence is simple.  Get up make our bed and get going.  Walk my dogs.  Say hi to people when we walk by each other.  Make time to have tea with my neighbor.  When I head out in the world I try to drive with manners.  If someone has their hands full I try to stop and hold the door for them.  If the clerk at the check out counter seems stressed and says” sorry for waiting.”  I try to say “you’re fine and I’m not in a hurry.”  When people express opinions that I don’t agree with I stop and listen.  I don’t have to agree but I can listen and have the clarity that everyone has the right to their personal opinion.

My thorny fence does rear its ugly thorns occasionally but I give myself a break and start new the next day.risk-part2-may2013-rose-thorns.jpg