For the first time in my life I sat through the RNC and the DNC this past two weeks.  I was really into seeing what the crowds looked like and how they behaved.  The only redeeming point in the RNC was Ivanka Trump’s speech.  She is a very poised young woman who has her own independent thoughts.  Pence said “you can’t fake good kids.”  It’s clear Donald Trump is a proud father and his family represents him but don’t forget her mother is Ivana Trump and I’m sure lots of their poise comes from their mom.  Here’s my opinion on what I saw… The speakers didn’t have a lot of testimonial.  Someone was trying to portray Trump as a fixer of people in hard times.  It sounded very nice but where were the people that he actually made a difference in their life.  Then the audience yelling “lock her up” with approval just was shocking.  I remember sitting there on my couch thinking I can’t believe they’re chanting this.  I don’t know first hand all of the legal history of the e-mail scandal but I do know Hillary Clinton went through our legal system and was cleared.  So when you’re cleared let’s move on.  AND for the tragic story of Benghazi she was put through the system and cleared.  I feel so bad for the families that have to keep hearing this over and over.  I can’t imagine their pain.  I also can’t understand how that incident could only be one person’s fault.  So to just keep rehashing this is just NUTS.  Also at the RNC where were the past Republican presidents?  Then when Cruz got up there and said “vote your conscience” that took a lot of moxie.  He knew going in he would say this and he also knew that crowd was surly.  I do remember after Donald Trump took the stage at the national convention the final night and stood there and sold himself to the American people with a strong close I started understanding why he is a billionaire.  And let’s face it people will be putty in his hands when he says everything will be great.  One of my Dad’s favorite quotes was “money talks and bullshit walks.”  When the speech ended I thought “Oh my goodness he might win this election.”

     Then I watched the DNC.  What a difference.  It was patriotic!  My grandparents were Republicans and I have lots of memories of my grandmother singing along to patriot music and just loving the patriotism of our country.  It was refreshing to see that image.  Then you can’t argue with the powerful speakers.  Michele Obama!  I just wanted to jump through the T.V. and hug her.  The Republicans endorsing Hillary and of course Mr. Khan’s moving speech.  I cried tears for the Khan family.  My neighbor is from Lebanon and just became an American citizen last summer.  It was an AMAZING experience.  I got to be a part of the ceremony and then threw a party for her and enjoy her native Lebanon family who came here to make a better life and become American citizens.  This family is very successful and is living the American dream and helps drive the economy.  We are lucky they came here.  They also share their money with different charities that speak to them personally and are generous to their family.  My neighbor is a Muslim and I watch them celebrate Ramadan and Eid every year.  They’re American and bring good things to their country.  The DNC was a classy, well thought-out convention and I enjoyed every moment of it.  One thing that did bother me was Bernie Sanders.  I know he endorsed Hillary but it didn’t feel convincing.  He sat there looking very pissed off if you ask me.  He seems like a good man but a poor loser.  As Sarah Silverman said “You Bernie or Bust people don’t be ridiculous.”  I do feel Bernie needs to get over his ego and really convince his people to vote for Hillary.  I have to tell you we live in an affluent zip code and my boys are lucky to attend good public school and the young kids really do love him.  Most of the pampered children around here are very left winged.  In school now they promote global learning and understanding and are doing a fine job with educating our children on the ways of the world as we embark in the future.  I know that some people say Hillary’s voice bugs them, she’s a liar, Wall Street owns her and she is not a great speaker.  In my opinion, yes, Michelle Obama, President Obama, and Bill Clinton are great motivational story tellers.  Hillary Clinton isn’t a great story-teller but I do see she is a DOER.  Her talk is less and her doer spirit is more.  I did enjoy when they put the video up of Hillary when she is being interviewed of her life history.  I think we should see more of these interviews when she is answering questions.  I personally think she is amazing.  That woman really doesn’t give up.  For all of the bad things that are said about her it just fuels her up even more to help.  As Meryl Streep said “where does she get that grace and grit?”  I would have closed myself up a long time ago with all those stones thrown at me.  As a native American I will vote for Hillary Clinton on November 8th.  I want a DOER in our White House that is for everyone.  I have white boys that are coming into manhood and I want their lives here to be open, not closed.  This next election will set the tone for America in a frightening world that already isn’t big fans of Americans.  We sit on a tight rope.  More hate to come or less hate to come.


Flower Gardens

I always admire flower gardens.  I’ve tried to create pretty pots and a bed of flowers around a tree but I don’t spend enough time taking care of them.  So then they die and I feel bad about it.