Cowardice vs. Courage

173062I’ve always been a very honest person.  It doesn’t WIN me the most popular vote in the room.  As I get older I become even more honest.  I like people a lot especially kids.  I think the reason I like kids so much is their generally VERY honest.  Honesty can come across as rough around the edges, rude, and “I can’t believe she just said that out loud?”  I’ve had tons of people say to me “it’s better to keep your mouth shut”, “you don’t know when to stop” and life is easier if you just turn your cheek and pretend the problem isn’t there.

So I’m proud to have courage.  I know I’ve spoken up for people who need help.  I know I’ve helped people who need help.  AND most importantly when something isn’t right I know I’ve made a stand.  When I make stands I lose a lot of popularity but in my heart I know I’m authentic and that is what is important to me.


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