Root Touch Up Comb Applicator



This product is the greatest gadget for the  lady who is gray but trying to stay brunette.  I get grow out in 3 weeks and I can’t afford to go to the salon that much.  I now get my hair professionally colored every 8 weeks and use this one or two-times in between so I don’t get a big gray skunk line.


Parents Jeopardizing Youth Sports


I think parents have jeopardized youth sports.  Instead of living in the moment a lot of them obsess on their kid being the star and what kind of scholarship they can get to a D1 school.  The obsession for the parent starts very young.   Children between 5 and 10 years old already get outed if they don’t show instant success.  Recreation sports has gone by the waste side.  It’s all about club sports now and they cost alot of money and they train them all year-long.  Doctors are seeing alot more injuries in kids these days and ALOT more anxiety.  It would be nice if parents could just take a step back and let their kids be kids and play for fun and learn turn taking, quality friendships, and just plain how to be a good sport.  You lose more in life than win so its important our children have the resiliency and GRIT to get back up and try again.  America is a sports fueled society which is fine because it does cause purpose and happiness but I also think children just having fun also creates a kinder generation to come.








I think I might end up being this middle-aged lady.  I’m sending one son to college in September and I have another one home only for a few more years.  I really enjoy having people and animals to take care of.  This way I can have something with me all the time.

Me and My Childhood Friends!


I got to go to California this weekend and visit my childhood friends.  We all grew up in a small town called Santa Paula known as the “citrus capital of the world.”  Our town is small and filled with lots of generations.  All of our parents grew up there and I think all of our grandparents.  Out of the four of us I was the only one to leave sunny California.  Erin has ended up in La Quinta, CA and Julie and Letty ended up in the town over, Ventura, CA. We all went to college in CA, got married in CA, and then found our places.  My place was WA where my children were born and my marriage has developed stronger and stronger as the years go.  All four of us have had some twists and turns as we climb our own mountains. We have had children and made lots of different friends along the way.  Since I’m the one that left the state I feel I’ve been most removed.  I feel a little ripped off that I don’t know their children.  Basically we broke the generation machine of leaving our small town.  So the gift in this is we have all kept in contact through each other and finally decided to get together.  So thirty years later here we were in Irvine, CA sitting by a pool and in a bar for 48 hours without a pause in conversation.  When I said good-bye I felt a connection of love that will be forever.  I love these girls I knew as a child and now the women they have become.  My heart is full as I returned home to my own family that I love more and more everyday!  I’m a very LUCKY friend, mom and wife.


Still Loving This Cup

I’m re-posting this!  I really love this cup and I want everyone to have one.

I’m not a “clean” eater but I love water it’s my drink of choice.  This is my new favorite cup.  The water and ice stay put for hours.  I left this cup in my car in 70 degree weather. When I got back to the car my water was still cold and a few ice cubes were still there.

Below the photo is a link to order this cup.  Its worth the investment.