Parents Jeopardizing Youth Sports


I think parents have jeopardized youth sports.  Instead of living in the moment a lot of them obsess on their kid being the star and what kind of scholarship they can get to a D1 school.  The obsession for the parent starts very young.   Children between 5 and 10 years old already get outed if they don’t show instant success.  Recreation sports has gone by the waste side.  It’s all about club sports now and they cost alot of money and they train them all year-long.  Doctors are seeing alot more injuries in kids these days and ALOT more anxiety.  It would be nice if parents could just take a step back and let their kids be kids and play for fun and learn turn taking, quality friendships, and just plain how to be a good sport.  You lose more in life than win so its important our children have the resiliency and GRIT to get back up and try again.  America is a sports fueled society which is fine because it does cause purpose and happiness but I also think children just having fun also creates a kinder generation to come.







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