Dropping our Son off at College


Yesterday was a BIG day for our family.  Off we went with a car load of stuff to drop our son off at college.  My husband was a nervous wreck.  He kept talking ALOT.  I just kept chanting “I will see him next Sunday” in my head.  We still need to drop off more stuff.  So here we went walking up and down the hill, unloading stuff, having lunch, picking up books and urging our son to sign up for vocal jazz or any club so he is part of something.  We walked all over campus really just filling our time so we didn’t have to leave.  Cam had a mandatory meeting at 4:45pm so leaving was inevitable.  We took a few selfies, I told my son “Mama is always home” and walked away.  I held it together but really had to keep talking to myself.  Then here comes my husband.  He was a wreck!  It was like serious role reversal!  Down the hill we walked to our car as we left our son on the top of the hill.  Now our helicopters are off and we hope our son takes the steps for a peaceful, happy life, with the ability to take care of himself.


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