WOW!  Last year was big in our house.  Our first child went away to college.  It was a hard transition for all of us.  The good news is we made it through.  Our son achieved straight B’s and he wants to go back and tackle his 2nd quarter of college.  So his wings are expanding. Our 17 year old baby is still here as a junior in high school.  He is growing like a weed.  I just had to revamp his wardrobe because one morning he woke up and it was like the incredible hulk bursting out of his clothes.  Our 17 year old baby keeps us on our toes.  We are constantly telling him “don’t put off until tomorrow that which you can do today.”  That kid can lay on the couch and keep himself busy with everything but his school work.

Last year in the world of politics it felt awful!  Our country felt dark, angry, rude and politically incorrect at all times.  I’ve started to turn off the news!   I can’t take the talking over each other and the rude angry comments that are being spewed about.  Seriously, can we go back to the basics?  Take turns speaking, let people voice their side and then decide if it’s worth a friendly debate or not.  My theory is sometimes it’s best just not to engage.

Now on to 2017!  Whew!  I have a nice bin of excellent chocolate, a cozy warm house to hang out in, food in my cupboards, and family and friends that truly care.  I’m going to take the good fortune of all the good and try to spread sunshine where I can.  I work with high school children in our community.  They’re pretty awesome but some of them are “diamonds in the rough.”  We really need to go back to the basics of getting our younger generation to unplug from their phones and engage with the person in front of them.  We also need to go back to the basics of manners and adults and children owning up to their mistakes and moving forward.  I’m a true believer in the words please, thank you, and I’m sorry.  Those words will get you somewhere in life.

Ok!  So what is my resolution after all of the above said  I’m going to wake up everyday and be present in my situations, use my manners and try for kindness even when there is a bitter taste in my mouth.  I know I can’t change people but at least I can try to be a good example.  If I fail in the current moment the next minute is new and I’ll try again.

I wish everyone good health, a present mind, and try to look at your situations with optimism.  Sometimes if you “fake it until you make it” it really can turn your perspective.  Good luck everyone with what is in front of you all through your day.


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