I was just telling a teacher that I work for that I enjoy the wiser part of getting older. I’m calmer and through trial and error I’ve  learned to react usually in a quiet and peaceful way.  The aesthetic side of getting older is a struggle for me.  My hair is very gray now but I choose to color it.  Which can be costly and a pain sometimes.  I have a droopy face.  I try to tell myself its OK this is the reality of aging but then I end up in a nurse practitioners chair discussing wrinkles and age spots.  I actually envy the woman who just let nature takes its course.  I really do find something naturally beautiful about them.  I’m sure it’s a radiance from the inside because they’re so comfortable in their own skin.  I also see the aesthetic side and sometimes its pleasant to the eye but sometimes its very alarming like vanity got the best of them.  I’m going to shoot for something in the middle so I feel confident but not over doing it.