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Me and My Childhood Friends!

YAY! Weekend get away with these ladies again this year!

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I got to go to California this weekend and visit my childhood friends.  We all grew up in a small town called Santa Paula known as the “citrus capital of the world.”  Our town is small and filled with lots of generations.  All of our parents grew up there and I think all of our grandparents.  Out of the four of us I was the only one to leave sunny California.  Erin has ended up in La Quinta, CA and Julie and Letty ended up in the town over, Ventura, CA. We all went to college in CA, got married in CA, and then found our places.  My place was WA where my children were born and my marriage has developed stronger and stronger as the years go.  All four of us have had some twists and turns as we climb our own mountains. We have had children and made…

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Tea + Time = Friends

Years ago my neighbor who grew up in Lebanon invited me for tea.  I thought who has time for tea?  Thank goodness I finally found the time to sit with her and have tea.  A cup a tea a day has gained me a friend for life and lots of laughs over great stories and time spent with each others family members.  I’ll be thankful I learned a new culture of the importance of spending time with people and not always getting caught up in our busy days.


Friends for Life

My dog Tanner having a summer siesta!