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Foot Mate Rejuvenating Gel


I need to order a second bottle of this.  I’ve been using it with the foot brush I advertised on this site.  It really is helping my feet and in between my toes is less itchy and my heels have soften a little.







I just purchased this ROOMBA!  It is the best vacuum ever invented. While it vacuums I get other things done.  This morning it vacuumed under all of our beds! That was a lot of dust and fuzz  balls now cleaned up.  Well worth the money.  Click the link above and purchase this friend for life!

Root Touch Up Comb Applicator




This product is the greatest gadget for the  lady who is gray but trying to stay brunette.  I get grow out in 3 weeks and I can’t afford to go to the salon that much.  I now get my hair professionally colored every 8 weeks and use this one or two-times in between so I don’t get a big gray skunk line.

Still Loving This Cup

I’m re-posting this!  I really love this cup and I want everyone to have one.

I’m not a “clean” eater but I love water it’s my drink of choice.  This is my new favorite cup.  The water and ice stay put for hours.  I left this cup in my car in 70 degree weather. When I got back to the car my water was still cold and a few ice cubes were still there.

Below the photo is a link to order this cup.  Its worth the investment.